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Yup, we agree: “It’s not a privacy ‘breach’ when information about you is out there already.”

Rob Pegoraro’s article in yesterday’s Washington Post is a worthy read, if only because it puts into context what is and isn’t a privacy breach.   Recently, there’s been a lot of noise–started by a Wall St Journal article–about a supposed privacy breach by Facebook surrounding the misuse of user data by applications installed on […]

Privacy Trumps Taxes—Victory for Consumers in North Carolina…But What About Colorado’s Bad Law?

A federal judge sided with privacy over taxes yesterday, signaling a victory for consumers in North Carolina. Now we’re waiting to see if this also means victory for consumers and online companies that sell into Colorado. A U.S. District Court in Seattle blocked North Carolina’s Department of Revenue from compelling Amazon to reveal the names […]

Enhancing Trust Mechanisms for Data Collection and Information Sharing

There was a great discussion today at the New America Foundation on the technical measures of trust on the Internet and browser certificates. It was a geek-fest where nearly everyone laughed at Andrew McLaughlin’s Star-Trek analogies.   But most policymakers are not so geeky, and associate Klingons with those things that stick to your clothing. […]

NGOs, Law Enforcement and Internet Companies –Coming Together to Fight Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Yesterday I testified at a hearing by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley on commercial sexual exploitation and the Internet. When I first learned about it, I feared the worst: time to demonize the Internet. After all, the hearing announcement openly targeted Craigslist and websites generally. But this was not the case at all—as we heard, […]

Feeding the Privacy Beast

The WSJ ran a front page, above-the-fold headline screaming that Facebook has had a privacy breach. For any business that holds personal data, there’s a mantra that goes, "Whatever you do, just make sure we’re never the subject of a WSJ story about breach of our customers’ data.”   Companies are rightfully concerned about a data […]

In the Lull of Election Year Politics, Internet Ads Self-Regulation Has a Fighting Chance

Earlier this month, a coalition of ad and marketing associations made public a new self-regulatory program for behavioral advertising (or as we like to refer to them, “interest-based ads”). Will it be enough to whet the appetite of members of Congress waiting to chomp on the privacy bit when they get back in November?   […]

PFF Was Our Tech Policy BFF

A tinge of sadness touches us upon news that the Progress and Freedom Foundation’s last day is this Friday. NetChoice has had ultimate respect for PFF over the years, and most recently for Adam Thierer and Berin Szoka – the tech policy experts among experts. Over the past few years, NetChoice worked closely with Adam […]