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Feeding the Privacy Beast

The WSJ ran a front page, above-the-fold headline screaming that Facebook has had a privacy breach. For any business that holds personal data, there’s a mantra that goes, "Whatever you do, just make sure we’re never the subject of a WSJ story about breach of our customers’ data.”   Companies are rightfully concerned about a data […]

In the Lull of Election Year Politics, Internet Ads Self-Regulation Has a Fighting Chance

Earlier this month, a coalition of ad and marketing associations made public a new self-regulatory program for behavioral advertising (or as we like to refer to them, “interest-based ads”). Will it be enough to whet the appetite of members of Congress waiting to chomp on the privacy bit when they get back in November?   […]

PFF Was Our Tech Policy BFF

A tinge of sadness touches us upon news that the Progress and Freedom Foundation’s last day is this Friday. NetChoice has had ultimate respect for PFF over the years, and most recently for Adam Thierer and Berin Szoka – the tech policy experts among experts. Over the past few years, NetChoice worked closely with Adam […]

Cyber Security Bill Flays Those Who Pay—With No Ability for a Court Day

In an effort to prove the axiom that no good deed goes unpunished, lawmakers are now looking to potentially impose onerous and costly new rules on the private-sector companies that built and operate the vast majority of the nation’s critical Internet infrastructure. And as we expressed in a recent Reuters article, draft cybersecurity legislation could […]

Google-ITA – The Acquisition to End All (Customer) Acquisitions

Here’s one company that dominates search that isn’t named Google: ITA Software. ITA is #1 in air travel search, and its software is a highly regarded program for searching flights and fares. ITA even tests job applicants with complex brain teasers. In many ways, it’s like a small-scale Google. Which is why Google shouldn’t be […]

Precrime Regulation of Internet Innovation

In the sci-fi movie Minority Report, a ‘precrime’ police unit relies on the visions of psychics to predict future crimes, then arrests the potential perpetrators before they do anything wrong.  In the world of Internet governance, the future is now, as regulators want online services to predict and prevent safety threats before they actually occur. […]

It’s September – Back to Work on AWFUL Internet Laws

After a quiet August recess in Washington, DC, it’s time to refocus our efforts on public policies that impact online commerce. And today we consider not the good, and not merely the bad, but the awful – iAWFUL.   The Internet Advocates’ Watchlist for Ugly Laws (iAWFUL) tracks the ten instances of state and federal […]