The February 2010 iAWFUL Top Ten

  1. Expanding Rulemaking Powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - What’s AWFUL? Expanded powers would let the FTC threaten online business models supporting free services.
  2. Forcing Advertisers to Become Tax Collectors - What’s AWFUL? An unconstitutional expansion of sales tax burdens on out-of-state sellers.
  3. Hotel Taxes on Online Travel Services – What’s AWFUL? Taxes travel services at the wrong rate and in the wrong place.
  4. Expanding Internet Sales Taxes – What’s AWFUL? Overblown tax revenue estimates are luring states into a system where costs could outweigh benefits.
  5. Restricting Free Trial Offers and Renewals – What’s AWFUL? Free trials help online users try before they buy.
  1. New Taxes on Digital Downloads – What’s AWFUL? Discourages the greenest way to get media content.
  2. New Jersey Social Networking bill – What’s AWFUL? Would turn social networking sites into social networking police.
  3. Security Breach Notice Bills in IL and MS – What’s AWFUL? Diverge from other states and confuse access with harm.
  4. Maine Predatory Marketing Law – What’s AWFUL? Law was recommended for immediate repeal, but is still on the books.
  5. Right of Publicity Bills in HI, IN, MA, and NY – What’s AWFUL? Dead celebrities can make it a living hell for online services.

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