The Fall 2012 iAWFUL

  1. Forcing New Tax Burdens on Remote Sellers – Federal bills would impose new tax burdens on online and catalog sellers while taking away states’ sovereign right to protect their businesses from out-of-state tax collectors.
  2. Misusing Consumer Protection Laws to Prevent Competition and Frustrate Consumers – Old and obsolete laws are being misused to squash competition, stifle innovation, and increase costs to consumers.
  3. States Creating New Online Taxing Powers – A state tax grab that makes it harder for the state’s small publishers and websites to earn advertising revenue.
  1. Curbing Online Service and Innovation for Children – Federal efforts to protect children online would create new regulations that stifle innovation and actually decrease the availability of child-directed services.
  2. What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die? – Some state laws allow an appointed executor to counter your express wishes about how your online accounts are handled when you die.
  3. Extending Hotel Taxes to Out-of-State Travel Agent Services – Cities and states are threatening travel agents and online travel sites with the wrong tax rate in the wrong jurisdiction – and asking consumers to pay for it.

The iAWFUL reflects the editorial views of the Executive Director of NetChoice and does not necessarily reflect the views of all NetChoice members.

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