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BROADBAND ROUNDUPTech Industry Pushes Back Against EARNIT, Microsoft on Digital Divide, Satellite Analyzer-in-the-cloud

Broadband Breakfast CCIA President Matt Schruers had the following to say about EARNIT: “Technology providers need the flexibility to make digital products and services safer and more secure. Law enforcement needs the resources and direction to prioritize prosecuting bad actors. “Everyone has a role to play in meeting our shared goal of reducing crime online. […]

The CyberWire Daily Briefing

The CyberWire NetChoice Announces Opposition to Sen. Graham’s EARN IT Act (NetChoice) Today, Sen. Graham (R-SC) introduced the EARN IT Act, a bill with good intentions to tackle child exploitation yet falls short in addressing the underlying issues while creating new vulnerabilities…

Encryption clash: Executive branch, Congress vs. tech, civil liberties groups

Politico The industry organizations: The Computer & Communications Industry Association, Consumer Technology Association, Internet Association, Internet Infrastructure Coalition and NetChoice signed a joint letter to bill sponsors Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the Judiciary chairman, and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) emphasizing the encryption risks. “Strong encryption is critical for national security, a vibrant and competitive digital economy, and the online and physical safety of individuals, […]

CCIA, 4 Associations Send Letter Warning Of Encryption, Safety Risks Of New Bill

Computer and Communication Industry Association Washington — The Computer & Communications Industry Association sent a letter signed by 4 other associations warning Congress of the collateral dangers of altering the law that gives internet companies legal certainty to remove nefarious content. Under current law companies are granted liability protections which enable them to remove offensive content. Now […]

NetChoice Releases Research on Tax Subsidies to Big Car Rental Industry

Study Exposes Unfair Tax Benefits for Car Rental Industry that are not available to  Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Link to Report WASHINGTON – NetChoice, a trade association fighting for free enterprise and free expression online, today released a report on the unfair benefits the Big Car Rental industry receives at the expense of taxpayers and consumers.  […]

Tik Tok Time Bomb: App Poses Potential Security Threat

The Gavel Despite this growing distrust of TikTok in the United States, ByteDance has been working to rebuild its public image. Recently, TikTok joined NetChoice, a trade association that has been aggressive in pushing back on critics of tech companies and has begun to enhance its lobbying efforts in the U.S.