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Adding a Shallow End to the Social Network Swimming Pool

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal pulled the ostrich’s head out of the sand. They reported that Facebook is considering whether and how to accommodate users under the age of 13. It’s generating a flurry of coverage, but is anyone truly surprised? Several independent surveys have concluded that not only are children under the age of 13 […]

Colorado’s Tax Turnover

We got a Rocky Mountain high after hearing news that the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado upheld Article 1 of the Constitution and struck down one of the most noxious state tax grabs in recent history. The Colorado Use Tax Reporting Regime was enacted in February 2010 and promptly earned a top […]

Hey, You Kids Turn that Music Down!

As you can tell from all the noise, there’s a party happening on the Internet.  Users and consumers are whooping it up over all the innovations, information, and choices available at new online services.  In addition to millions of job driven by e-commerce, consumers are able to do more, from any location, faster than ever […]

Good News That Won’t Make the News

Because good news is so rarely reported, here’s a headline you probably won’t see today: Social Network Funds Grants to Protect Kids Online. Then again, it’s possible that some reporters will spin that into bad news to make for a flashy headline.  For example, last November PEW came out with research on teens’ use of […]

Pennsylvania Governor Delays a Tax Policy That Could Stop the Presses

With only a couple of days to spare before the state unleashed its tax collectors to trample Constitutional and Court protections for interstate commerce, Pennsylvania’s Governor delayed the imposition of sales tax demands on retailers with no presence whatsoever in the state.  Had this tax grab not been delayed, it would have threatened the livelihood […]

Google Search: Now Starring Google+

For more than a decade, the Holy Grail for Internet marketers has been to find some way to improve their rankings in Google’s search algorithm. Now, thanks to Google’s new social search feature, anyone can grab hold of this once-elusive prize…just as long as they have a Google+ account. If you’ve done a Google search […]

Using the Internet to Lower the New Car Haggling Hassle

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]e all love the smell of a new car, but hate the haggling element of the car buying process.  But now, new online tools and services are making it possible for you to buy a car online without doing the in-store haggle. But, like the wine industry, the eye contacts industry, and the real-estate industry, […]

The Data Commissioner Who Cried Wolf

In August, Ireland’s Data Protection (DPC) Commissioner Billy Hawks made headlines by airing a laundry list of potential Facebook privacy violations, including the creation of “shadow profiles” and the collection of information about non-Facebook users. At the same time, the Irish Commissioner declared that his planned audit of Facebook’s privacy practices was, “likely to be the most […]