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iAWFUL: the 10 Most Awful Laws for the Internet

Today we published our September 2011 “iAWFUL” list of bad Internet laws.  The worst offenders are new burdens on small businesses using the Internet, plus a Puerto Rico bill restricting how 17-year-olds can use social networking. Our Internet Advocates’ Watchlist For Ugly Laws (yep, iAWFUL is an acronym) is the 10 items of state and federal legislation that […]

Odd Timing to Promote ‘Fairness’

Youu can tell a lot about whether a lawmaker is proud of a bill by watching how and when they introduce it. If you’re at a big press conference in the morning, early in the week, with lots of reporters around, you can be pretty sure the lawmaker behind the bill feels pretty good about […]

Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Self-Regulation

Last Friday NetChoice stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the existing industry self-regulation regarding location based services (LBS).  In doing so, we responded to the FCC’s call for comments on LBS.  In our comments we explained how:   Location based services benefit consumers and businesses; Self-regulation is working; Consumers already must affirmatively consent to most geo-location collection; The FCC can assist the […]

A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Today, a distinguished US Senator who was once concerned that the Internet had become the “number one national hazard” held a hearing on online privacy.   During the hearing, Senator John Rockefeller (WV) added these informed judgments on ad-supported Internet innovation and business models:

Do Americans Really Want Do Not Track?

We often hear politicians say, “Americans need this” and “Americans demand that.”  But before Congress passes new privacy laws to regulate online advertising, let’s be honest about what Americans really want.   As we described in iAWFUL last week,Federal legislation to mandate Do Not Track would cut deeply into the online advertising revenue that pays for free […]

Updated iAWFUL List Ranks Top Threats to Online Commerce

Today we published our March 2011 “iAWFUL” list of bad Internet laws.  We identified a surge in state and federal online privacy legislation that is threatening to tie the hands of online innovators.   (iAWFUL was already picked-up in CNET, Politico, The Hill, and Siliconvalley.com) Our Internet Advocates’ Watchlist for Ugly Laws (iAWFUL) tracks the […]

Privacy and Sustainability

Friday January 28 is Data Privacy Day. Unlike so many special-purpose days on the public calendar, this one’s not a ploy to sell greeting cards or flowers. Data Privacy Day is designed to prod Internet users to take a critical look at how they share and communicate their private information online.   Data Privacy Day […]