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Pelosi Attacks Facebook As ‘Willing Enabler’ of Russia, Still Owns Up to $1 Million In Company Stock

Washington Free Beacon NetChoice, an association of internet companies including Facebook, objected to Pelosi’s “false and over-the-top” accusation. “Speaker Pelosi’s accusation that Facebook is a ‘willing enabler’ of Russian interference in our elections is completely false and appears to be an attempt to use an important national discussion for her own political gamesmanship,” said Carl […]

Big Tech Fires Back at Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Break Up’ Billboard

Inside Sources But a Big Tech trade group representing e-commerce businesses — NetChoice — called Warren’s billboard a “populist rant” without substance. “I think what we’re starting to see is weaponization of antitrust law,” Carl Szabo, vice president and general counsel for NetChoice, told InsideSources. “We have over 100 years of antitrust law and enforcement […]

Pelosi Slams Facebook as ‘Willing Enabler’ of Russia Despite Owning Up to $1M in Company’s Stock

Fox News The head of NetChoice, a trade association for e-commerce, called Pelosi’s comments “hyperbolic” and “over-the-top.” “Speaker Pelosi’s accusation that Facebook is a ‘willing enabler’ of Russian interference in our elections is false and over-the-top,” Carl Szabo told Fox News in a statement. “It’s obvious that Facebook is hugely invested in ensuring that its […]

NetChoice Objects to Hyperbolic Statements Calling Facebook a “Willing Enabler” of Russian Interference

Today Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Facebook was a “willing enabler of the Russian interference in our elections.” “Facebook is taking extraordinary steps to protect our democracy. This type of hyperbole makes it hard to identify the real bad actors,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President of NetChoice. “Speaker Pelosi’s accusation that Facebook is a “willing enabler” […]

Do Not Track is back in the US Senate. And this time it means business. As in, fining businesses that stalk you online

The Register  NetChoice represents most of Big Tech in Washington DC – including Google, Facebook and Twitter – and said the proposed law would “harm consumers and competition.” “By preventing the use of interest-based ads, this bill will result in more ads, more paywalls, and less content,” the lobbying group said in a statement on Monday. “Senator […]

The Do Not Track Act Would Harm the Digital Marketplace

Today, Sen. Hawley announced the introduction of the “Do Not Track Act.” The bill claims to give consumers the right to use online services without allowing those services to use interest-based advertising. “This bill harms consumers and competition,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “By preventing the use of interest-based ads, […]

America’s GDPR

The Margins Meanwhile, actual tech industry lobby groups are pushing federal legislation along the same lines as that proposed by the tech-funded think tanks. One of the largest lobbying groups for Silicon Valley, NetChoice, has rallied behind Sen. Marco Rubio’s, R-Fla., privacy bill. His bill would roll back state regulation and place enforcement authority largely […]