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Entrepreneurship’s Demise Has Been Grossly Exaggerated

Entrepreneurship’s Demise Has Been Grossly Exaggerated Special interests inside the beltway are seeing political and financial opportunities in taking down America’s most successful businesses. Some are using it to mobilize votes from the “hipster antitrust” activists where others are using it to fundraise from business rivals. One such group is the Open Markets Institute (OMI) […]

Removing Alex Jones from Social Media Isn’t About the First Amendment

Removing Alex Jones from Social Media Isn’t About the First Amendment Content moderation can be controversial, as demonstrated earlier this week when leading online platforms removed content and accounts posted by Alex Jones and his media property “Infowars.” Many conservatives contend that the removal of Alex Jones’s content violated his freedom of speech. Ironically, these […]

Maybe Brett Kavanaugh Can Save Conservative Supreme Court Justices From Their Judicial Activism

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s consideration for the bench could pull Supreme Court’s conservatives back from their recent lurch into judicial activism. Nowhere else was this judicial activism by Conservative judges more apparent than in last month’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. This decision exposed countless small businesses to tax collectors from 46 […]

A Primer For CONFUSED Conservatives On The First Amendment And Free Speech On Social Media

For those conservatives fully aware of how the First Amendment works and who still call for government action against Facebook, I just say: Cut it out. The solution for conservatives’ concerns about social media platforms is to vote with your feet and use a different platform. Stick to your principles and forget about the temporary insanity of […]

Virginia Supreme Court ruling on license plates creates dangerous speed bumps for law enforcement

A license plate number would not be “personal information” because there is nothing about a license plate number that inherently “describes, locates or indexes anything about an individual.” Without something connecting the license plate number to an individual, it is just a combination of letters and numbers that does not describe, locate or index anything […]