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The Hotel Industry Is Lobbying to Make Your Next Vacation More Expensive

The Daily Signal Earlier this month, Congressman Ed Case introduced a bill that would make finding accommodation on your next getaway more expensive—regardless of where you choose to stay. Why? It turns out hotels don’t like your cheap stays with Airbnb and HomeAway, and they’re lining up behind this bill to run those platforms off […]

They’re barking up the wrong tree on Section 230

The Economic Standard That’s according to Robert Winterton, Director of Communications at NetChoice, a trade association committed to protecting free enterprise and free expression online, writing in the OC Register. A measure implemented in 1996 to establish the legal responsibility of content creators for whatever they post on the Internet — surely a good idea? — Section […]

Media v. Tech Continued

Politico — But critics say the media industry is using big tech as a scapegoat for its business model woes. “It’s clear this is just an attack on social media by big media companies upset that they no longer control our news and views,” said Carl Szabo, general counsel at NetChoice, a trade group representing Facebook, […]

Unpopular Internet Policies Could Cost Democrats the White House

NetChoice Medium The 2020 election will be tight and every vote counts. So it’s surprising to see Democratic candidates making calls to regulate free speech and online platforms — policy proposals that Americans overwhelmingly oppose, and policies that could cost Democrats the White House. This year some Democrats are calling to make it harder for […]

Democrats Scoff at Facebook Fine

Politico Morning Tech DEMS: $5B FACEBOOK FINE NOT CUTTING IT — Fans of the $5 billion FTC settlement with Facebook leaked late Friday are striving to present it as a wise and just punishment; the trade association NetChoice, which counts Facebook as a member, tried to spread the hashtag “#ThatsGonnaLeaveAMark.” But the settlement in the privacy and data-handling probe, sparked […]

Sen. Hawley’s “Bias” Bill Would Let the Government Decide Who Speaks

EFF What does “in a manner that is biased against a political party, political candidate, or political viewpoint” mean, exactly? Would platforms be forced to host propaganda from hate groups and punished for doing anything to let users hide posts from the KKK that express its political viewpoints? Would a site catering to certain religious beliefs be […]

Senator Hawley Proposes Law To Force Internet Companies To Beg The FTC For Permission To Host Content

TechDirt Hawley has set up a purposefully impossible standard. As we’ve pointed out, many people still insist that Twitter deciding to kick off literal Nazis is “evidence” of anti-conservative bias. As NetChoice points out, Hawley’s bill would require sites to host KKK propaganda just in order to obtain basic liability protections.

Pelosi Blasts Facebook for Enabling Russian Election Interference — Owns Around $1M in Company’s Stock

Independent Journal Review E-commerce association NetChoice responded to Pelosi’s “false and over-the-top” accusation, claiming that her comments were politically driven. “Speaker Pelosi’s accusation that Facebook is a ‘willing enabler’ of Russian interference in our elections is completely false and appears to be an attempt to use an important national discussion for her own political gamesmanship,” […]