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Testimony for MD SB 397 – Data Center Tax Exemptions

Testimony for MD SB 397 – Data Center Tax Exemptions “Data centers contain essential production equipment to deliver these services, so NetChoice members are eager to see Maryland join other states who recognize that to attract capital-intensive large data centers, it is necessary to allow the same sales tax treatment they have allowed for decades […]

Rental Car Companies Collect $4 Billion in Special Treatment While Complaining That Their Competitors Get Special Treatment

Reason Magazine The biggest of those loopholes is the simple fact that rental car companies are exempt from paying sales tax when they buy new vehicles. According to a report published this week by NetChoice, that sale tax exemption saved rental car companies more than $3.5 billion last year. In California, where other residents have to pay […]

The Biggest Tech Companies – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – Have Nowhere to Go But Down, Say Panelists

Broadband Breakfast Steve DelBianco, CEO of NetChoice, said that Warren’s fellow Democratic Party presidential candidates weren’t really concerned about the corporate power of Silicon Valley. Rather, he said, the issues they raised at the October presidential debate were election interference, disinformation, privacy and the censorship of controversial conservative speech. “None of the concerns they raised […]

Streaming Shakeout, Platform Outlook Examined at SOTN2020

Multichannel News Steve DelBianco, president/CEO of NetChoice, warned that antitrust actions could affect innovation, since small companies often build strategies with expec​t​ations of being acquired by a major provider, such as the platform companies. DelBianco also predicted that by 2030, “Government will still be trying to figure out how to regulate artificial intelligence,” which will […]

Streamlined Tax Pact OKs Nonmember Participation Model Bill

Law360 The model statute would require states to identify where their tax codes deviate from the agreement. However, Steve DelBianco, president of the online business trade group NetChoice, told Law360 that he didn’t believe the measure went far enough to satisfy the full Streamlined agreement that the justices referred to in Wayfair. “This new model […]

ATI speakers address tax incentives, business attraction

Idaho Press O’Cooper was followed by Steve DelBianco of NetChoice, a trade association, who is pushing for a tax incentive for data centers. “They deserve the same tax treatment that you’ve always allowed under the production equipment that goes into mining, ranching and farming,” he said. He contended that extending Idaho’s production exemption from sales […]