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Streamlined Tax Pact OKs Nonmember Participation Model Bill

Law360 The model statute would require states to identify where their tax codes deviate from the agreement. However, Steve DelBianco, president of the online business trade group NetChoice, told Law360 that he didn’t believe the measure went far enough to satisfy the full Streamlined agreement that the justices referred to in Wayfair. “This new model […]

ATI speakers address tax incentives, business attraction

Idaho Press O’Cooper was followed by Steve DelBianco of NetChoice, a trade association, who is pushing for a tax incentive for data centers. “They deserve the same tax treatment that you’ve always allowed under the production equipment that goes into mining, ranching and farming,” he said. He contended that extending Idaho’s production exemption from sales […]

NetChoice Applauds the USTR Action Against French Digital Services Tax

Today NetChoice applauded the US Trade Representative’s threatened imposition of tariffs of up to $2.4 billion on French goods in response to France’s taxation of the digital services performed by American businesses. “The administration saw France’s taxes for the trade barriers they are and the US responded in kind,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice.  “The administration […]

NetChoice Applauds the USTR Investigation of France’s Digital Services Tax

Today NetChoice applauded the US Trade Representative for investigating and considering action against the French Digital Services Tax (DST), which would impose a 3% tax on gross revenue from businesses with annual revenue of $830 million globally.  “In a desperate bid to help French companies compete, France designed new taxes to penalize America’s online leaders,” […]

Lawmakers push tax breaks for data centers, critics worry about school funds

Michigan Advance Steve DelBianco, CEO of NetChoice, a Virginia-based trade association of online and tech businesses, testified Thursday at the committee meeting on behalf of the data center market. He says that large data centers won’t even consider opening up shop in Michigan until there is data center-friendly legislation. “We encourage Michigan, in this respect, […]