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Retail Apocalypse or Retail Revolution?

Retail Apocalypse or Retail Revolution? Pointing to high-profile bankruptcies and empty store windows, some analysts say we are witnessing a “retail apocalypse.” But a deeper dive into the latest earnings reports and retail trends suggests we’re seeing something entirely different: a retail revolution. The rise of e-commerce has upended the retail ecosystem, but the future […]

For a Smooth Ride, e-Scooter Providers and Cities Need to Get Along

For a Smooth Ride, e-Scooter Providers and Cities Need to Get Along America’s tech industry has embraced the idea of permissionless innovation, where new online business models set up operations without requesting approval from public officials. That’s how eBay revolutionized the way people sell their stuff, and it’s how sharing economy businesses became a great […]

Don’t Surrender Free Speech in Effort to Regulate Online Political Ads

There has been much speculation about the online advertisements placed by Russian agents in last year’s presidential election. Was this a plot to swing the outcome? Or was it an effort to create chaos and divide our country? Whatever the reason, there is one thing we can all agree on: foreign meddling in the domestic […]

Innovation for America — But not for Illinois

Individual privacy is important, and Illinois should continue to enact legislation that protects our state’s consumers. However, when class-action attorneys abuse Illinois’ privacy laws to create new laws that will only enrich themselves, Illinois residents will be the ones left out as the rest of country’s technology advances. For example, Illinois residents cannot use several […]

Halt ticket scams

Last month, U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, of Lycoming County, encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to review the practice of “white label” or “private label” ticket reselling. These programs use deceptive web page address and aggressive search engine advertising to prey on consumers, often leading them to overpay for seats for concerts and sporting events. The […]

Retailers built too many stores and the bubble is bursting

Online retailers have become a convenient scapegoat for brick-and-mortar stores looking to cast blame for the rapid contraction in retail jobs in recent months. It’s become a such a common refrain in reports about job losses in the retail industry that it has almost become gospel. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that retailers have […]