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NetChoice debates new online taxes in the Wall Street Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a full-page debate (p.B5) on whether retailers should be forced to collect sales tax for all states — even where the business has no physical presence. The article includes a debate between Michael Mazerov, who wants force all online sellers to collect taxes for all states, versus my argument in favor […]

Emotional Climate Change

Flashy newspaper headlines drive clicks but they can also mislead readers. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project just released a study of teens’ use of social networks.  It was a joint project with the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), who featured the study at their annual conference in Washington.  Like all of Pew’s work, this […]

A Month in Africa Charts the Progress and Perils of Internet Governance

There may be no better illustration of how far we’ve come in Internet governance, than this: twice in the past 30 days, the global Internet community has gathered in sub-Saharan Africa to plot a path to bring the Internet to its next billion users.  Just weeks after wrapping up the sixth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) […]

The Taxman Doth Protest Too Much

It’s a common refrain that those who protest too much might have much to hide.  Wednesday’s introduction of the “Marketplace Equity Act” (MEA) is a prime example of this behavior.  Just like the  Mainstreet Fairness Act before it, the MEA’s name has little to do with its true implications. At a breathless Capitol Hill press conference, […]

Multi-Stakeholder Debate at the IGF: Lessons from a Safari

Here at the IGF in Kenya, we’re debating how governments, private sector, and civil society can improve the multi-stakeholder model that’s helped the Internet become such a vital part of life around the world.   Makes me think of another kind of multi-stakeholder model I saw last week on a photo safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. […]

Maryland’s Attempt To Hunt New Tax Revenue Without Shooting Itself In The Foot

Basic hunting safety has two rules: 1.Know how to handle a gun without hurting yourself, and 2. Ready, Aim, then Fire. Same rules ought to apply when states go hunting for new tax revenue. Lawmakers first need to understand where potential tax revenue is hiding and how to get it in their sights. Then they create legislation […]

Decision Day for ICANN: the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?

I’ve just arrived in Singapore, where ICANN’s board will almost surely vote to launch an unprecedented expansion plan for generic top-level domains (gTLDs).  As the new gTLDs start lighting-up over the next two years, we’ll look back on this week as the “end of the beginning” since it ended several years of planning for the […]