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The GAC Strikes Back

Last week in Prague, the GAC (Government Advisory Committee) relentlessly hammered ICANN over a range of issues relating to the new gTLD program. And while their criticisms were legitimate, one has to wonder to what extent governments were punishing ICANN for past offenses. At the same time, the ICANN board and management seem to have […]

An Open Letter to ICANN’s New CEO, Fadi Chehadé

Dear Mr. Chehadé, Congratulations on your appointment as the next CEO of ICANN, and welcome to our little rogues’ gallery. Some denizens of this domain (your humble author included) may strike you as a little odd at first, but we’re mostly harmless. We usually steer first-timers onto the Newcomers track, but in your case, that may be… […]

Ethiopia Shows That Congress Is Right to Be Worried About UN Control of the Internet

Today a key committee in the US Congress approved a resolution opposing United Nations “control over the Internet.” While some in the Internet community have dismissed the bipartisan effort as mere political grandstanding, recent actions by some UN Member States show that lawmakers have good reason to be worried. Last month, UN voting member Ethiopia made it a […]

From Slogans to Solutions: Doing the Real Work on Internet Taxes

It’s gonna take more than sloganeering and one-sided arguments to address the enormous challenge of reforming federal and state tax systems. That was the key message coming out of today’s Senate Finance Committee hearing on tax reform, and it’s one that advocates of the so-called “fairness” internet tax would do well to heed. Committee Chair […]

Taxing Tirades

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) delivered a speech in the Senate today that flamed Facebook for complying with the tax code, and suggested that if only tax laws were changed then the government would have the money to “pay for programs to protect our seniors and veterans, put cops on the beat, or teachers in classrooms.” […]

Auto Dealers: Time To Take the Wheel

In every market touched by the Internet, traditional business models have had to adapt or die.  Especially where sellers had been able to make big markups based on information asymmetry and control of local distribution.  They were astounded when Internet-savvy consumers came in with their own data on quality, costs and prices.  And they agonized when new online […]

WSJ readers weigh-in: After seeing both sides, it’s a Landslide

Every once in a while, a rigorous debate will actually sway public opinion. Yesterday,  the Wall Street Journal published an impressive special section on tech issues that featured arguments from both sides. And it included a debate over new sales tax requirements for online retailers. As I described yesterday, The Journal also published survey results based on a poll […]