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Taxing Tirades

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) delivered a speech in the Senate today that flamed Facebook for complying with the tax code, and suggested that if only tax laws were changed then the government would have the money to “pay for programs to protect our seniors and veterans, put cops on the beat, or teachers in classrooms.” […]

Auto Dealers: Time To Take the Wheel

In every market touched by the Internet, traditional business models have had to adapt or die.  Especially where sellers had been able to make big markups based on information asymmetry and control of local distribution.  They were astounded when Internet-savvy consumers came in with their own data on quality, costs and prices.  And they agonized when new online […]

WSJ readers weigh-in: After seeing both sides, it’s a Landslide

Every once in a while, a rigorous debate will actually sway public opinion. Yesterday,  the Wall Street Journal published an impressive special section on tech issues that featured arguments from both sides. And it included a debate over new sales tax requirements for online retailers. As I described yesterday, The Journal also published survey results based on a poll […]

NetChoice debates new online taxes in the Wall Street Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a full-page debate (p.B5) on whether retailers should be forced to collect sales tax for all states — even where the business has no physical presence. The article includes a debate between Michael Mazerov, who wants force all online sellers to collect taxes for all states, versus my argument in favor […]

Emotional Climate Change

Flashy newspaper headlines drive clicks but they can also mislead readers. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project just released a study of teens’ use of social networks.  It was a joint project with the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), who featured the study at their annual conference in Washington.  Like all of Pew’s work, this […]

A Month in Africa Charts the Progress and Perils of Internet Governance

There may be no better illustration of how far we’ve come in Internet governance, than this: twice in the past 30 days, the global Internet community has gathered in sub-Saharan Africa to plot a path to bring the Internet to its next billion users.  Just weeks after wrapping up the sixth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) […]