NetChoice Comments for the Record for United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce of the Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing on “Protecting Consumer Privacy in The Era of Big Data”

NetChoice Comments in Advance of House and Senate Privacy Hearings

Below is NetChoice’s statement in advance of tomorrow’s privacy hearing in the House, and Wednesday’s privacy hearing in the Senate. Here are NetChoice’s comments for the record for the House Hearing on consumer privacy.

“We are seeing a fracturing of the internet driven by states introducing disparate privacy bills.” said Carl Szabo, Vice President of NetChoice. “The time has come for establishment of a nationwide standard for privacy online.”

“Americans should ask for a better privacy approach than what Europe and California concocted. Americans deserve a privacy law that doesn’t remove services and stymie innovation.” continued Szabo. “Federal privacy legislation should allow for industry safe-harbors similar to those in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.”

A 21st Century Tea Party Against A Modern European Overreach - Real Clear Policy

The Boston Tea Party was an exhibition of resolve against unjust and unfair taxes imposed from the other side of the Atlantic, where European rulers were plundering American success. Fast-forward 240 years; American businesses once again are enduring unfair taxation and treatment from across the pond, now under the guise of “protecting privacy.”

S&P Global - Web giants spent record amounts on lobbying amid growing regulatory scrutiny

“NetChoice, an online commerce trade group representing Facebook, argued that the bill would erase $340 billion in advertising revenue from American websites.”

Bloomberg – Tech Group Favors Privacy Bill That Preempts Tougher State Laws

Bloomberg – Tech Group Favors Privacy Bill That Preempts Tougher State Laws

NetChoice says measure would avoid a patchwork of regulations.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Hawley says he'd welcome joining with Ocasio-Cortez in challenging big social media companies

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Hawley says he’d welcome joining with Ocasio-Cortez in challenging big social media companies

also reported in Nouvelles Du Monde and Tech2.

Hawley and Ocasio-Cortez are facing resistance from online industry players, including NetChoice, the trade association representing e-commerce companies.

“Sensible legislators need to avoid the allure of weaponizing antitrust for political aims,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice’s vice president and general counsel. “Politicizing antitrust exchanges good policy for partisan politics and creates a disastrous precedent.”

He added: “Hipster antitrust threatens small businesses that rely on large platforms to find new customers. If Sen. Hawley and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez want to support small business back home, they should applaud platforms — not attack them.”

NetChoice Commends Facebook for Securing User Data

Today, NetChoice commended Facebook for prioritizing the security of its users by restricting what user data third party apps can access.

“After Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is right to prevent third party apps from abusing their access to Facebook user data,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice. “Even if a good actor wishes to access Facebook user data, allowing that risks bad actors gaining access too.”

“Facebook is balancing important priorities that traditional media outlets like the Guardian should appreciate rather than tying Facebook up in a Catch-22.”

NetChoice Comments to Wyoming: Unconstitutional Issues of SF 76 – Warrants for digital records