POLITICO – CEOs to White House to talk tech today

POLITICO – CEOs to White House to talk tech today

— The remarks drew swift repudiation from tech industry groups. NetChoice Vice President Carl Szabo said he is “blown away that leaders of the conservative movement want increased government regulation of business and increased government regulation of free speech.” And the libertarian-leaning TechFreedom tweeted that in “suggesting government meddle in a private companies business,” Hawley was taking a stance that “true conservatives are against.”

The Kansas City Star - Josh Hawley’s war against Big Tech could bring down small startups

The Kansas City Star – Josh Hawley’s war against Big Tech could bring down small startups

Also available in the Miami Herald, and the Sacramento Bee

Carl Szabo, vice president and general counsel of the tech industry group NetChoice, said that rolling back the law would make it nearly impossible for some internet startups to operate.

“The liability would just be too great to the point where only incumbents with armies of lawyers and dollars could even conceive of operating,” he said.

Tucker Carlson’s Attack on Section 230 Could Harm Conservative Voices Online

Tucker Carlson’s Attack on Section 230 Could Harm Conservative Voices Online

We can’t blame Carlson for pushing policies that would likely help his TV show, but conservatives must stick to their principles and steer clear of any policy that would hinder the future of their movement.

USMCA Interactive Computer Service Provisions Put America’s Digital Economy First

Washington, D.C. – Today, NetChoice commended the Trump Administration for including Article 19.17 in the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). The USMCA contains language from the Communications Decency Act that allows online platforms to engage in good faith content moderation efforts without being subjected to legal liability.

“When it comes to our digital economy, USMCA puts America first,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice. “Online platform protections make the United States a world leader in tech and innovation, Canada and Mexico will surely benefit from emulating these platform protections.”

The Daily Caller: The Misguided 'Hipster Antitrust' Movement to Break Up Amazon, Apple, and Google

Rarely does a day go by without groups decrying economic disparity in America. The rich are too rich, and America’s most successful businesses are too big.

And as you can expect, these groups oppose free-markets seeing heavy-handed government engagement as our only savior. Apparently, these groups have forgotten that it is America’s exceptionalism that led us to become the greatest country on earth.

When it comes to America’s tech businesses, their complaints are the same: Apple is too powerful, Google too large, and Amazon too ubiquitous. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch called these attacks “hipster antitrust.”

How Should Conservatives Deal with Perceptions of Political Bias in Content Moderation for Online Social Media Platforms?



Bartlett Cleland, General Counsel and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Jesse Blumenthal, Director of Technology and Innovation at the Charles Koch Institute
Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment
Seton Motley, President of Less Government

December 5th, 2018
12PM-1:30PM Eastern

Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2226
45 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20515

Lunch will be provided.

Some conservatives are expressing concern that online social media platforms are using content moderation as an excuse to suppress conservative news and views.

Former Attorney General Sessions convened a meeting of state Attorneys General on September 25 to discuss what the Department of Justice could do about political bias in content moderation.

On the other hand, many conservatives believe using government to regulate online content moderation clashes with core conservative principles and with the first amendment.

Conservatives note that Administration pressure on platforms today could backfire when a future Democratic president uses those same tactics against conservative news and views.

*This event is considered a widely attended event by Congressional ethics rules*

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Industry rebuttal: “When President Trump says he would regulate online platforms for alleged anti-conservative bias, he really means he would suppress free expression,” NetChoice president Steve DelBianco said in a statement. “Government suppression of negative news and views about the President would blatantly violate the constitution.” And the libertarian TechFreedom group tweeted that “Principled conservatives and liberals should unite against Trump’s attempts to create a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet as a sword for government meddling in social media.”