Domain Incite - Is ICANN over-reacting to Whois privacy law?

Domain Incite – Is ICANN over-reacting to Whois privacy law?

In a March 13 session, BC member Steve DelBianco pressed ICANN CEO Goran Marby and other executives and directors repeatedly on this point.

“If they [the DPAs] respond ‘Yes, that’s sufficient,’ we won’t know whether it was necessary,” DelBianco said, worried that the Cookbook guts Whois more than is required.

Small Business Advocate Radio - News on the long-running Internet sales tax debate

What’s the difference between Obama’s and Trump’s version of net neutrality?

Will the Trump net neutrality plan hurt your small business?

Daily News of Newburyport - Va. company sues Mass. over online taxes

NetChoice — a group that represents online retailers, including, eBay and PayPal — argues that the Baker administration doesn’t have the authority to tax businesses with no actual presence in Massachusetts.

The group filed a legal challenge earlier this year blocking a similar policy that was supposed to go into effect July 1. Revenue officials rewrote the rules to get around issues raised by a state judge and imposed a Oct. 1 start date for the new policy.

NetChoice Director Steve DelBianco said the case could set a precedent.

“Crutchfield’s lawsuit relies on an existing Virginia law designed to protect Virginia businesses from the reach of a tax collector from a state where the business has no physical presence whatsoever — which is exactly what Massachusetts is trying to do”


Steve DelBianco speaks with Small Business Radio

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Domain Incite - “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

Steve DelBianco of the NetChoice Coalition, a member of the Business Constituency, had similar doubts.

“Mitch [Stoltz] cited as an example that UK internet service providers were blocking child porn and since that might be cited as an example for trademark and copyright that we should, therefore, not block child porn at all,” he said. “I can’t conceive that’s really what EFF is thinking.”


POLITICO - Tech giants rally to government defense in ICANN court fight

The companies long have supported transferring oversight of the web’s address system to ICANN, a global nonprofit, at the urging of the Commerce Department. Its other supporters include trade organizations like ACT – The App Association and Netchoice, companies including Mozilla and groups like the Internet Society.


Dallas News - Picking up Cruz's internet fight, Paxton sues Obama administration over domain name transfer

That was politically charged rhetoric that was designed to attract attention to an otherwise obscure, technical topic,” said Steve DelBianco of Netchoice, a trade association of e-commerce businesses. “But no serious study of the actual issue would match that rhetoric in any way.”

DelBianco, the trade association head, said he “doesn’t agree with most of the concerns expressed in the lawsuit.” Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, wished the lawsuit well, adding that there are “a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered.”


The Register - Google, Facebook etc rush to defend US govt in last-minute ICANN internet takeover lawsuit

The Internet Association – which represents Google, Amazon, Facebook et al – plus the Internet Society, Internet Infrastructure Coalition, NetChoice, ARIN and a number of individuals have filed an amicus brief [PDF] in Texas court on the eve of a hearing seeking a temporary restraining order against the Department of Commerce (DoC).


MultiChannel News -  Judge Rejects AG Attempt to Block IANA Transition

Netchoice, Mozilla and CCIA and others had joined in an amicus brief in support of the transition, telling the court Friday that the AG’s petition was a “last-minute motion for an extraordinary injunction that would have “forced the United States to enter into a contract that the Government has determined is not in the interest of the United States.


Dallas News - Cruz fights to keep internet domains under U.S. control as critics decry move as misguided

Steve Del Bianco, the executive director of Netchoice, a trade association of eCommerce businesses, warned against the U.S. breaking its 18-year-long commitment. He noted that major corporations including Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and others support this transition.

Several internet companies sent a letter to congressional leaders this week to express their support for the U.S. ending its stewardship.

“What is the real reason to defer the transition? That’s the question we didn’t really learn today,” he said following the hearing. “There seems to be some hope of retaining a level of control we never had.”