Amazon targeted (again) at Dem debate

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Critics say the media industry is using big tech as a scapegoat for its business model woes. “It’s clear this is just an attack on social media by big media companies upset that they no longer control our news and views,” said Carl Szabo, general counsel at NetChoice, a trade group representing Facebook, Google and Twitter, in June. “Big media is struggling to dominate again as they did before the internet. … Rather than looking for government to tear down tech businesses, big media should follow tech’s lead and innovate so they are more competitive.”

Senator’s bill would ban YouTube, Facebook scrolls as addictive

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Google and Facebook declined to comment. NetChoice, a trade group that counts both companies as members, said, “The goal of this bill is to make being online a less-enjoyable experience.”

Senator’s Bill Would Ban YouTube, Facebook Scrolls as Addictive

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Google and Facebook declined to comment. NetChoice, a trade group that counts both companies as members, said, “The goal of this bill is to make being online a less-enjoyable experience.

Hawley Introduces Plan to Prohibit Addictive Tech Practices

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Hawley’s bill attracted immediate criticism from major tech firms. NetChoice, a trade association which represents e-commerce sites, claimed that the SMART Act would reduce social media sites’ usefulness and and enjoyability.

“This bill would reduce the power of consumers to make decisions for themselves and give that power to the government,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice vice president and general counsel. “It’s our role to decide what online services and tools we use, not the government’s.”

Morning Tech – Antitrust Action for Big Tech


— The tech industry is pushing back, contending that the sector fosters competition in the broader economy. “While anti-tech advocates argue that anything big is bad, for America’s small businesses, often the bigger the platform the better,” said Carl Szabo, vice president and general counsel of NetChoice, an e-commerce trade group representing Facebook, Google and Twitter. But tech critics cheered the move, which drew statements of support from across the ideological spectrum, including from Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Elizabeth Warren(D-Mass.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Blumenthal.

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NetChoice, a tech lobbying group that counts Facebook and Google as members, quickly slammed the move, urging the DOJ to “resist the siren song of populism.”

Outraged Politicians and Official Statistics Miss the Benefits of Tech

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“Thanks to large online platforms, for less than $10, a small business can reach thousands of potential customers and target them more accurately than ever,” Carl Szabo of NetChoice, a trade association of e-commerce businesses, testified to the House Judiciary Committee last week. Szabo highlighted the story of a woodworker in Albany, New York, who can now sell his craft to buyers around the country thanks to Etsy.

PragerU is an unpersuasive victim of Big Tech bias against the right

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Consider: To believe YouTube is engaged in a conspiracy to disappear conservative content, one also has to think that it’s trying to hide that conspiracy by suppressing liberal content even harder with popular channel such as Huffington Post, the Daily Show, and Young Turks experiencing far more of their content restricted, according to tech trade association NetChoice. PragerU’s problems with YouTube seem so far to be yet another example of Big Tech bias where the more you dig, the less you find. 

Ohio Governor Vetoes Expanding Sales Tax to Internet Platforms

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But expanding the sales tax to technology platforms, and making that tweak retroactive, was a large change that would have violated the Internet Tax Freedom Act, a federal law barring multiple or discriminatory taxes on e-commerce, Steve DelBianco, president and CEO of NetChoice, an e-commerce trade association, said.  “The legislators read the headlines and understood the dangers of imposing a retroactive sales tax on businesses around the country,” he said.

Facebook faces record $5bn fine

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The tech industry group NetChoice praised the fine, saying it would motivate companies to improve their privacy practices.