The British Are Coming — And This Time It’s for the 4th Amendment

Only weeks ago, the British government undermined our judicial process and attacked an American company. While this may sound like front page news, almost no one reported the violation of due process or came to the defense of this company — Facebook.

American company Six4Three has been engaging in a legal battle with Facebook over API access in California. Facebook’s intra-company emails were obtained as part of the suit and were protected from disclosure by a California Court. But Britain’s government ignored the judge’s order against disclosure, therefore ignoring American law and widely held notions of the rule of law.

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Politico Morning Tech – The Latest Privacy Proposals

Politico Morning Tech – The Latest Privacy Proposals

TWITTER JOINS NETCHOICE — Tech trade association NetChoice has added Twitter to its ranks, bringing its total membership count to 31, the group tells MT. “NetChoice fights to keep the internet safe for free enterprise and free expression, and we’re excited to have Twitter’s support,” NetChoice spokesman Robert Winterton said. Twitter joins Facebook, Google, Alibaba and other top industry players repped by the group.