The April 2015 iAWFUL

  1. States Want Your Privacy to Die with You – What happens to your online accounts, messages, and photos after you die? If you don’t give permission beforehand, would you want an estate manager to have access to everything?  That’s exactly what estate attorneys are seeking with legislation in several states that would open up your online accounts after you die, whether you approved or not.
  1. Internet Sales Tax– Despite losing year after year, the tax collectors continue to try to force small businesses to collect sales tax for what could be 10,000 local jurisdictions, and file returns with 46 states. That means small businesses – in other words, your neighbor – that are trying to make a living will drown in red tape.
  1. Shifting the Burden of Tax Collection – These laws would only harm in-state businesses and diminish resident’s privacy, just to extract a small increment of sales tax from citizens’ pockets.
  1. Placing First Amendment Restrictions on License Plate Photos – Legislation based on a misinformation campaign would eliminate the ability of new technology to serve the public good. Moreover, it runs into the bedrock first amendment right to take pictures in public places – of license plates that are required by law to be publicly displayed.
  1. Forcing Manufacturers to Give Up Competitive Secrets – Legislation requiring manufacturers to disclose trade secrets and expose supply chains threatens devices’ security systems and could result in consumers accidentally voiding warranties.
  1. Preserving the Car Dealership Monopoly – Laws and regulations being used to stifle competition by prohibiting new ways to buy a car.
  1. Data Breach Over-Notification – Following high-profile hackings, states are rushing to pass new data breach notice laws. But forcing businesses to issue broad and rushed notices could impede investigations. And the quantity of notices will desensitize consumers to situations where a notice truly does merit their immediate attention.

The iAWFUL reflects the editorial views of the Executive Director of NetChoice and does not necessarily reflect the views of all NetChoice members.

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