The February 2010 iAWFUL Top Ten

  1. Expanding Rulemaking Powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) What’s AWFUL? Expanded powers would let the FTC threaten online business models supporting free services.
  2. Forcing Advertisers to Become Tax Collectors What’s AWFUL? An unconstitutional expansion of sales tax burdens on out-of-state sellers.
  3. Hotel Taxes on Online Travel Services – What’s AWFUL? Taxes travel services at the wrong rate and in the wrong place.
  4. Expanding Internet Sales Taxes – What’s AWFUL? Overblown tax revenue estimates are luring states into a system where costs could outweigh benefits.
  5. Restricting Free Trial Offers and Renewals – What’s AWFUL? Free trials help online users try before they buy.
  1. New Taxes on Digital Downloads – What’s AWFUL? Discourages the greenest way to get media content.
  2. New Jersey Social Networking bill – What’s AWFUL? Would turn social networking sites into social networking police.
  3. Security Breach Notice Bills in IL and MS – What’s AWFUL? Diverge from other states and confuse access with harm.
  4. Maine Predatory Marketing Law – What’s AWFUL? Law was recommended for immediate repeal, but is still on the books.
  5. Right of Publicity Bills in HI, IN, MA, and NY – What’s AWFUL? Dead celebrities can make it a living hell for online services.

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