#4. Recurring Offer Restrictions Bills


What’s so iAWFUL? Restricting consumers’ ability to use convenient automatic renewals.

Washington – HB 1534, New Mexico – HB 144, Indiana – SB 300, and Hawaii HB 663


Washington (HB 1534), New Mexico (HB 144), Indiana (SB 300) and Hawaii (HB 663) are looking to restrict the convenience of automatic renewal services.


So what is so iAWFUL?


Automated renewal services make it more convenient to pay for services that renew regularly.


However, HB 1534 restricts automated renewals by requiring consumers to authorize each renewal payment.  In essence, HB 1534 makes these payments anything but automatic.


Automated renewals are a convenience and provide protection for many consumers.  Imagine having a virus ruin your computer because you forgot to renew your virus protection subscription.  Or your home security service is cancelled because the vendor can no longer charge your credit card.  Automated renewal services can help avoid these and similar situations.


Services like automated renewals are good for consumers and states should not inhibit consumers’ abilities to negotiate with companies for such options.


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