The March 2012 iAWFUL

  1. Legacy Regulations That Have Become Barriers To e-Commerce – Around the country, innovative consumer-empowering tools are colliding with regulatory regimes created long before the Internet.
  2. Location Pop-Up Notification Bills – Do consumers really want to see a pop-up window every time they use an app that relies on geolocation information?
  3. Mandates for Remote Retailers To Collect State Sales Taxes – A national mandate forcing retailers to collect sales taxes for states where they have no physical presence.
  4. State Data Breach Rules – Strict restrictions on how businesses deal with data breaches will cause unanticipated harm.
  5. Advertiser-Nexus Revenue Ruling and Bills – Imposes an unconstitutional expansion of sales tax burdens resulting in a loss of ad revenue for small websites publishers.
  1. Taxing Digital Goods – Taxes on digital goods harm emerging artists, create a new tax on the state’s own citizens, and discourage green initiatives.
  2. Online Dating Restrictions – These online dating regulations freeze the current state of technology and foster a false sense of security in the minds of users.
  3. Cyber Bullying Bills – Let’s stop the act of bullying, not shut down the forum that passively hosts the hostile communication.
  4. Federal Legislation on Privacy Bill of Rights – It’s dangerous to give federal regulators wide latitude to make new privacy rules and to give privacy zealots veto power over a multi-stakeholder process.
  5. Prohibiting Information Sharing Among Businesses – Preventing businesses from sharing consumer information erects unnecessarily high barriers to actions that benefit consumers.

The iAWFUL reflects the editorial views of the Executive Director of NetChoice and does not necessarily reflect the views of all NetChoice members.

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