The May 2013 iAWFUL

  1. California Privacy bills: Sacramento’s Assault on the Internet – Targeting the heart of the state’s tech industry, nine privacy bills may chase the golden goose out of the Golden State.
  2. Federal Internet Sales Tax – Imposing a new tax, new collection and filing requirements, and unleashing up-to 600 auditors on online businesses.
  3. Taking Away Control Over Your Online Accounts – Allowing a court appointed executor to counter your express wishes for how your online accounts are handled when you die.
  4. Forcing Journals to Make Their Works Publicly Available – Requiring professional journals to give away their published content will diminish the employment prospects of in-state professors and threatens in-state businesses that receive any state assistance.
  1. Data Breach Notification Bills – Adding new threads to the already complicated patchwork of 46 state data breach laws, over-notifying users, and decreasing the incentive for businesses to use encryption protocols.
  2. Creating New Taxes on Travel Services – Creating new taxes on travel agents and expanding hotel taxes to all parts of bundled travel packages.
  3. Imposing State Price Controls on e-Books – Forcing publishers to sell digital books at set prices to state libraries could mean your e-books are more expensive.
  4. Stopping You From Reselling Your Concert Tickets – Allowing venue owners to eject a fan if they resold or gifted a ticket for any event where the venue prohibits resale or transfer of if they used a ticket exchange other than the one mandated by the venue.

The iAWFUL reflects the editorial views of the Executive Director of NetChoice and does not necessarily reflect the views of all NetChoice members.

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