The August 2014 iAWFUL

  1. Federal Bills Creating New Internet Taxes are Blocking Renewal of the Internet Tax Freedom Act – The threat of federal legislation (MFA) would give new tax and audit powers to state tax collectors, threatening online businesses everywhere. Recognizing opposition to their bill, some in Congress seek to attach MFA to must-pass legislation needed to extend the moratorium against internet access taxes (ITFA).
  1. States Setting Your Privacy to Zero When You Die – Delaware is the first state to follow the Uniform Laws Commission plan to reduce your online privacy to zero when they die – even revoking express privacy choices you made while alive. The primary beneficiaries of these laws are trust and estate attorneys who want to dismantle privacy barriers that impede the penetration and distribution of your digital legacy once you’re gone.
  1. European Efforts to Suppress Online Information – The EU ‘Right to be Forgotten’ court ruling is being used to suppress accurate information. At the same time, the German and Spanish “search engine tax” represents another online trade barrier designed to squeeze American-based ingenuity.
  1. Attacks on Ride-Sharing Services – Taxi commissions, trial lawyers, and insurance companies see the rise of the ride-sharing economy as a signal to protect the status quo, stifle innovation, and, in some cases profit by cracking down on ride-sharing services in state legislatures and insurance commissions.
  1. City Regulations Preventing You From Renting Your Home – At the encouragement of large hotel companies, city regulators are denying consumers the right to offer short-term rentals of their homes.

The iAWFUL reflects the editorial views of the Executive Director of NetChoice and does not necessarily reflect the views of all NetChoice members.

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