The August 2009 iAWFUL Top Ten

  1. Maine Predatory Marketing Law (10 MRSA c.1055) What’s AWFUL? Creates an unprecedented prohibition on collecting information about and marketing to teenagers.
  2. Hotel Taxes on Online Travel Companies What’s AWFUL? Travel sites are being threatened with wrong tax rate in the wrong jurisdiction.
  3. New Jersey Social Networking Bill (A 3757) – What’s AWFUL? It turns social networking sites into social networking police.
  4. New iTunes Taxes Without Legislation – What’s AWFUL? Discriminates against goods and services sold online versus offline.
  5. North Carolina Digital Downloads Tax Bill (HB 558/S 487) – What’s AWFUL? Discourages the Greenest Way to Purchase Music and Other Content.
  1. North Carolina Tickets Bill (SB 99) What’s AWFUL? Taxes the Internet (and only the Internet) resale of tickets.
  2. Federal Bills on Organized Retail Crime – What’s AWFUL? They create extraordinary burdens on online marketplaces.
  3. Massachusetts Online Advertising Bill – What’s AWFUL? It threatens the viability of new business models on the Web.
  4. North Carolina Advertising Nexus Proposal – What’s AWFUL? Unconstitutionally expands sales tax burdens to out-of-state businesses.
  5. New York Online Employment Services Taxation Issue – What’s AWFUL? Discriminates against Internet services.

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