The Innagural 2009 iAWFUL Top Ten

  1. New Jersey Social Networking Bill (A 3757) – What’s AWFUL? It turns social networking sites into social networking police.
  2. California Social Networking Bill (AB 632) – What’s AWFUL? It’s a tech mandate that can be abused to stifle free speech.
  3. Connecticut Tax Bill (SB 806) – What’s AWFUL? It confuses Web 2.0 advertising for a traditional sales force.
  4. North Carolina Tickets Bill (SB 99) – What’s AWFUL? Taxes the Internet (and only the Internet) resale of tickets.
  5. Connecticut Internet Resellers Amendment (SB 1002) – What’s AWFUL? It discriminates against the Internet (only) and allows unwarranted search of people’s homes.
  1. Federal Bills on Organized Retail Crime – What’s AWFUL? They create extraordinary burdens on online marketplaces.
  2. Nevada Encryption Bill (SB 227) – What’s AWFUL? Mandates a one-size fits all tech standard.
  3. Texas Security Breach Bill (HB 345 & SB 327) – What’s AWFUL? Transforms business and technology standards into legislative mandates, harming innovation and the next generation of security technology.
  4. New York Online Employment Services Taxation Issue – What’s AWFUL? Discriminates against Internet services.
  5. North Carolina Digital Downloads Tax Bill (HB 558/S 487) – What’s AWFUL? Discourages the Greenest Way to Purchase Music and Other Content.


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