Protecting The Internet Against Cyber-Criminals and Cyber-Terrorists

IT security threats are becoming less pervasive but more potent.  Attacks were once the domain of technically talented hackers who took intrinsic pride in taking down corporate networks and crashing consumers’ PCs. Today, criminals exploit IT vulnerabilities for financial gain and hackers can disable websites of their political enemies.  Perpetrators of cyber-attacks include individuals, hacker groups, terrorist networks, organized criminal groups, and even national governments. 

Today’s attacks can cause serious damage, as seen in the growing black-market trade in personal data used for identity theft, and politically-motivated attacks that have taken down government and banking systems.  Cyber-criminals and cyber-spies are successfully evading the countermeasures deployed by most companies and government agencies over the last decade. Cyber-security should be  approached as a set of complementary countermeasures at multiple layers in the security stack.

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