NetChoice Raises Concerns with the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act

Carl Szabo
Carl Szabo Vice President and General Counsel

Today, NetChoice raised concerns with the Consumer Online Privacy
Rights Act
introduced by Sen. Cantwell. The bill creates a private right of action with statutory damages, harms America’s mid-size businesses, and fails to provide a comprehensive privacy law for the country.

“America’s mid-size businesses face a Sophie’s choice about whether to live with today’s patchwork of state privacy laws, or support this bill that would unleash a tsunami of class action lawsuits,”

said Carl Szabo, Vice President & General Counsel for NetChoice.

“The “right to delete” rules in this bill would help bad actors hide their past transgressions, as some have done using Europe’s “Right To Be Forgotten.”Of the total removal requests made using that law in theUK and Ireland, 31% were related to frauds and scams, 20% were violent orserious criminal arrests, and 12% were child pornography arrests.”

“Far from being comprehensive about consumer privacy, this bill
does not apply to personal data collected by non-profits, banks, and healthcare providers.”

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