Barriers to Competition in Online Travel Services
A volatile and fluidly-priced industry such as travel services has proved a natural fit for eCommerce. Consumers have become their own travel agents and regularly use websites that provide travel, hotel and car rental information. More>>


Barriers to Short Term Rentals
Online platforms empower home-owners to leverage their assets as part of the sharing economy.  But legacy incumbents are leading efforts to make short-term rentals unworkable for citizens. More>>


Barriers to Online Auctions

Online auctions are a convenient marketplace for buyers and sellers. Sellers can reach a national audience of consumers and buyers can research, bid and buy from wherever they can connect to the ‘Net. More>>


Barriers to Online Real Estate Competition
A home is the single largest purchase for most people, and the Internet can provide buyers with easy ways to research property listings and values—but for traditional real estate brokers, that’s a problem. More>>


Barriers to Online Sale of Wine
e-Commerce is ideally suited for offering consumers with access to the offerings of small vineyards offerings, hard-to-find-vintages, or other niche wine products. Yet the sale of beer, wine, and spirits in the United States is thoroughly blanketed by a three-tier distribution system of producer, distributor, and consumer. A relic born out of Prohibition-era concerns, this system reduces consumer access to the offerings of small vineyards offerings, hard-to-find-vintages, or other niche wine products. More>>


Barriers to Sharing of Bikes and Scooters

In its advocacy for internet-enabled business models NetChoice has principles to assist cities and businesses in implementing sharing of bikes and scooters. More>>


Barriers to Online Ticket Resale
Internet-based marketplaces allow consumers to conveniently buy and resell tickets to places of entertainment, dramatically altering the ticket marketplace from the days when states first enacted restrictions on ticket scalping. The leading online ticket marketplaces aggressively enforce safe trading policies, and have proven to be ideal partners for state regulators charged with enforcement of consumer protection laws. More>>