Cybersquatting is an abusive practice in which a speculator registers a domain name identical or very similar to the trademarked name of a legitimate company or other organization. The speculator can then hold the name for ransom, forcing the trademark owner to pay far more than the actual cost of registration. More>>


Integrity of the Internet’s Domain Name System
The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as the “phone book” for the Internet and translates hostnames to IP addresses, making it possible to find websites and send email with domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization that manages the domain name system, and works to ensure the stability and interoperability of the DNS in coordination with the private sector. More>>


Internet Security and Availability
Denial-of-service attacks can cripple a website and disable an online business. Moreover, small businesses are experiencing blackmail via denial-of-service attacks, where a business owner is forced to pay-up in order to stop the attack. More>>


Promoting a Free and Open Internet
The “Internet” is not a specific place or thing, but a network of networks that transcend geographic and political borders. There is no single governor of the Internet, however, there has been calls for increased oversight by a political body—the United Nations. More>>