Identity Theft
Data protection is an important issue for businesses, especially e-commerce retailers. But it’s important to remember that it takes a thief to commit identity theft, and that businesses are liable for the costs of every 9 out of $10 in ID thefts. More>>


Online Advertising
Issues related to targeted advertising and marketing to minors. More>>


Online Safety
Online safety is an important issue for children, parents, educators and law enforcement—and NetChoice believes there is a role for everyone in making the Internet safer. More>> 


Phishing and Pharming
Criminals have long used con schemes and telephones to take advantage of trusting consumers. Now they’re “phishing” by sending fraudulent emails to users, pretending to be from a credit card issuer or Internet Service Provider, luring users to a phony website to “update” their account information. Criminals are also “pharming”—misdirecting consumers to fraudulent sites even if they’ve typed in a legitimate URL. More>>


Spyware is software downloaded onto a computer that has deceptive intentions and the following characteristics: a) sneaky delivery; b) secret collection; c) changing settings; d) and resisting removal. Spyware can ruin user experiences and increase support costs for ISPs, software developers and computer sellers. More>>