Related Comments: 

“We recently had a serial arsonist that destroyed over 70 buildings and were using LPR technology to assist us in the investigation”

“LPR provided information used in order to arrest a subject involved in 1 sexual assault against a child and 2 other sexual crimes against women.”

“LPR technology was specifically instrumental in helping us to track, locate, and ultimately rescue several victims of human trafficking.”

“I used the system to locate a vehicle that was purchased using a stolen identity. After locating the vehicle I was able to positively identify the suspect. He had in his possession over 150 stolen identities and probably would not have been caught if I did not have access to LPR/ NVLS.”

“In a case where an illegal alien male subject, who had been previously deported, was accused of statutory rape and child molestation of two sisters, victim/witness testimony assisted me in tracking my fugitive in Alexandria, Virginia. The incident occurred in Dekalb County, Ga. With this information and the assistance of I.C.E., and the US Marshal’s, the subject was located, taken into custody, and extradited to Georgia for prosecution. Without NVLS, this subject – who clearly attempted to elude law enforcement – would probably have never been caught.”

“The precision location of the scans allowed for a squad to identify a large-scale narcotics trafficker’s storage container. The data allowed detectives to confirm the residence of outlaw motorcycle gang members who had no “documented” association with the residence.”

“I located a vehicle that was wanted in a kidnapping and robbery where the suspect was arrested.”

“(LPR assisted in a) Homicide case from a few years ago. An LPR equipped officer in another state apprehended murder suspects from this jurisdiction. Without the LPR, this may have remained unsolved and the killers might still be at large.”

“(There are) too many (successes) to list. Over the past 6 months of our agency having LPR and LPR data we have participated in arresting over 100 individuals directly related to the data.”