10/19/2009 Maine Minors Law Thrown Out
10/19/2009 Industry advocacy helps kill Maine privacy bill
10/16/2009 Repeal Likely for Data Law
10/16/2009 Law limiting online health-data gathering teeters
10/16/2009 Committee Recommends Repeal Of Law Limiting Collection Of Minors’ Data
10/15/2009 Maine Legislature Reconsiders Troubled Privacy Law
09/30/2009 ICANN Accountability Framework Fills a Critical Void
09/09/2009 Maine High Court Tames Threat to Internet Commerce and Free Speech
09/09/2009 Challenge to Maine Privacy Law Dismissed
08/18/2009 Misguided Marketing Restriction and Online Travel Tax Top List of Worst Internet Legislation
06/09/2009 NetChoice Applauds Efforts of MySpace and State AGs to Protect Kids Online
05/20/2009 EU Plan to Increase Government Control is Not The Answer for ICANN
04/15/2009 Tax-free Internet shopping may be at an end