NetChoice executive director Steve DelBianco welcomed today’s Department of Commerce approval of the new agreement between ICANN and VeriSign on management of the .com domain. 

“Today’s announcement that the Department of Commerce, ICANN, and VeriSign have reached an agreement to extend VeriSign’s contract to manage the .com domain is good news for e-commerce.  Not only does the agreement ensure the long-term availability and integrity of the internet, but it should also quell international criticism of the U.S for its oversight role over ICANN.”

“Earlier this fall, the Department of Commerce and ICANN signed an agreement to transition ICANN to full independence over the next three years.  Today’s announcement shows clearly that the Department of Commerce respects ICANN’s decision-making authority and is committed to the goal of ICANN’s independence.  In addition, this agreement gives ICANN the new resources it needs to speed implementation of critical technologies like DNS Security extensions and Internationalized Domain Names. 

“The agreement is a win for all internet users, and particularly helpful to e-commerce businesses and customers who demand high levels of availability and integrity in the domain name system.  It gives registry operators incentives to invest in ever-greater capacity to handle Internet growth and withstand malicious attacks on the Internet’s DNS.”