NETCHOICE QUESTIONS INDIANA PRIVACY EFFORT — Carl Szabo, policy counsel at NetChoice, will be testifying in front of an Indiana state Senate committee Thursday afternoon on a bill that would create a “Do Not Email” list for people under 18 in order to stop kids from getting adult-content spam and other things deemed “harmful to minors.” The way it works: A parent registers a child’s email to the state’s “Do Not Email” list. Advertisers would have to cross-check their list with the state list, which can cost $.03 per email address, he said. Utah and Michigan both have similar laws.


Szabo says the bill is expensive for small businesses and it may include more than maybe the Indiana legislature intended. For example, it might include advertising for beer and wine or restaurant promotions that involve alcohol. These are items that a minor can’t buy and may be broader than what the legislators intend, he said. “For small businesses, it will be hard to comply with this,” he said. “They must fear getting fined every time they send an email into Indiana, they may choose not to do so.”