THE LATEST iAWFUL LIST — Steve DelBianco of NetChoice, a trade association of e-commerce companies, is putting out a new list Thursday of what he and his members think are the worst legislative efforts nationwide. The so-called iAwful list includes federal bills well-known by MT-ers, such as the Main Street Fairness Act for online sales tax collection, and the data retention bill that passed the House Judiciary Committee over the summer.


Federal “Do Not Track” bills have dropped in rank on the iAwful list because “the conversation about privacy has moved to somewhere in the middle,” DelBianco said. Outside the Beltway, DelBianco’s list includes a social networking bill in Puerto Rico that would require parental consent for children 17 and under to be able to use social networks. He’s also tracking a Missouri law blocked by a court in August that would restrict private conversations between teachers and students over a social network. The legislation “reveals a really troubling trend among lawmakers who take the most promising practices on the Internet like social networking or digital downloads and turn them into crimes or add new taxes on them,” he said. For the full list: