06/29/2017 NetChoice Statement on Massachusetts Tax Ruling
06/13/2017 NetChoice Statement on Introduction of HR 2887 – No Regulation Without Representation Act of 2017
06/09/2017 NetChoice Statement on Massachusetts’s Unconstitutional Tax Grab
03/30/2017 NetChoice Statement on Repealing Colorado’s Tattletale Law
03/30/2017 Compiled Statement on Repealing Colorado’s Tattletale Law
02/06/2017 NetChoice Congratulates the House Passage of Email Privacy Enhancing Legislation
02/04/2017 Tattletale Tax Reporting Law Violates Consumer Privacy, Coloradans Say
01/10/2017 NetChoice Applauds Introduction of Email Privacy Act
12/12/2016 Tennesseans Not Buying New Online Sales Tax Regulations
12/12/2016 NetChoice Statement on DMA v Brohl cert decision
11/17/2016 NetChoice Statement on NetChoice statement on FTC Sharing Economy
08/29/2016 NetChoice Statement on DMA v Brohl Filing Petition for Rehearing
08/25/2016 NetChoice statement on Release of Online Sales Simplification Act Draft
06/09/2016 NetChoice statement on ‘‘NTIA Finds IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal Meets Criteria to Complete’’
05/15/2016 Coalition statements on Missouri Ticket Resale – “Missourians Demand Consumer Choice and End to Unfair Ticketing”
02/04/2016 NetChoice statement on ‘‘Poll of Utah Citizens: Internet Sales Tax System Works Fine, Don’t Mess With It’’
12/08/2015 NetChoice statement on ‘‘Requiring Reporting of Online Terrorist Activity Act’’
12/02/2015 NetChoice Statement on Reformation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)
08/07/2015 NetChoice Statement on the New Burdens for Delaware Businesses created by the Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act
07/28/2015 NetChoice Statement on NTIA Facial Recogntion Meeting
06/15/2015 NetChoice Press Statement on Top Concerns with Rep. Chaffetz’s Online Sales Tax Bill
06/15/2015 NetChoice Statement on NTIA Facial Recognition Process
02/05/2015 NetChoice Press Statement on White House Big Data Report
01/27/2015 NetChoice Press Statement on FTC Internet of Things Report
01/12/2015 NetChoice Press Statement on White House Privacy Announcement
10/18/2014 NetChoice Press Statement on FBI Changes to CALEA
08/27/2014 NetChoice Press Release on iAWFUL – “Senate Ploy to Impose Internet Sales Taxes Tops List of Bad Internet Laws”
03/12/2014 NetChoice Press Statement on House Judiciary Hearing on Internet Sales Tax – “NetChoice Calls for Alternative to MFA”
10/01/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on Massachusetts White Paper on License Plate Readers – “Massachusetts Law That Restricts License Plate Recognition Undermines Law Enforcement, Says NetChoice”
09/16/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on License Plate Reader Report – “NetChoice Report Refutes Misinformation About License Plate Recognition Technology”
08/06/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on License Plate Reader Survey – “Survey: License Plate Recognition is a Valuable, Well-Regulated Technology”
07/30/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on Section 230 Protections – “Section 230 Exemption Threatens Internet Commerce as Much as Speech”
07/17/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on License Plate Readers – “NetChoice Statement on ACLU Report on License Plate Readers”
05/16/2013 NetChoice Press Statement on iAWFUL – “California Regulatory Crusade Tops List of Bad Internet Laws”
04/22/2013 NetChoice Press Statement Federal Internet Sales Tax Bill – “Internet Tax Measure Needlessly Threatens Consumers, Businesses”
03/18/2013 NetChoice Press Statement Federal Internet Sales Tax Bill – “Senate Attaches Internet Sales Tax to Federal Budget Process”
02/14/2013 NetChoice Press Statement Federal Internet Sales Tax Bill – “NetChoice Expresses Strong Concern Over Online Sales Tax Proposal”
01/10/2013 NetChoice Press Statement California Mobile Privacy Guidelines – “Statement of NetChoice Executive Director Steve DelBianco on California Mobile Privacy Guidelines”
12/19/2012 NetChoice Press Statement on COPPA Final Rule – “NetChoice Reaction to FTC’s New COPPA Rule”
12/05/2012 NetChoice Press Statement on Marketplace Fairness Act – “Internet Tax Bill Should Die in the 112th Congress”
12/03/2012 NetChoice Press Statement on Marketplace Fairness Act – “Lame Duck Internet Tax Effort Poses Serious Threat to E-Commerce”
10/02/2012 NetChoice Press Release on Fall 2012 iAWFUL List – “NetChoice iAWFUL List Ranks Top Threats to Internet Services”
08/01/2012 NetChoice Statement on Witness at Senate Commerce Hearing on Online Sales Tax Collection – “Online Sales Tax Legislation Still Not Ready For Prime Time”
07/23/2012 NetChoice Statement on Witness at House Judiciary Hearing on Online Sales Tax Collection – “NetChoice Testifies Before Congress inOpposition to New Internet Taxes”
07/11/2012 NetChoice Statement on Sen. Enzi’s New Online Tax Burden – “Marketplace “Fairness” is a Poison Pill for the Internet, Consumers”
06/28/2012 NetChoice Statement on US Senate Judiciary Privacy Hearing – “Senate Hearing Explores Privacy Self Regulation”
06/27/2012 NetChoice Statement on NH Senate Upholding Veto of Right of Publicity Bill – “New Hampshire Upholds Veto of Salinger Bill”
06/20/2012 NetChoice Statement on US House Resolution on UN Involvement in Internet – “Statement by NetChoice Executive Director, Steve DelBianco on UN Internet Control Resolution”
06/13/2012 NetChoice Statement for Release of new gTLD – “Lack of Controversial New Domains Good News for ICANN, NetChoice Says”
04/25/2012 NetChoice Statement for Senate Finance Tax Hearing – “Online Sales Tax Would Harm Small Business and Interstate Commerce”
03/22/2012 NetChoice Press Release on March 2012 iAWFUL List – “NetChoice Unveils The 10 Worst Internet Laws of 2012”
02/23/2012 NetChoice Statement on White House Paper on – “Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World”
01/11/2012 NetChoice Statement on ICANN New gTLD Program Opening Acceptance of Applications
12/14/2011 NetChoice Statement on House Hearing on ICANN and New gTLD Program
12/08/2011 NetChoice Statement on Senate Commerce Hearing on ICANN and New gTLD Program
11/30/2011 NetChoice Statement on House Judiciary Hearing on Constitutional Limitations on States’; Authority to Collect Sales Taxes in E-­Commerce
11/09/2011 NetChoice Statement on Enzi-Alexander Bill to Impose New Burdens on Online Businesses
11/02/2011 NetChoice Statement on Wyden-Ayotte Resolution to Protect Small Online Businesses
10/12/2011 NetChoice Statement on Marketplace Equity Act
08/15/2011 NetChoice Statement on Harm of EU Opt-In to US Businesses
08/15/2011 September 2011 iAWFUL Release
07/29/2011 NetChoice Opposition to Durbin-Conyers SSTP “Main Street Fairness Act”
04/12/2011 NetChoice Statement on Commercial Privacy Bill of 2011
03/09/2011 NetChoice Releases its March 2011 iAWFUL Listing of Bad Internet Laws
01/05/2011 NetChoice Opposes Illinois Affiliate Tax
10/19/2010 NetChoice Testifies at Massachusetts AG Hearing on Sexual Exploitation
09/29/2010 NetChoice Warns that CARE Act Will Harm Internet Commerce
09/29/2010 NetChoice iAWFUL List Identifies Top Ten Threats to Online Commerce
07/29/2010 NetChoice Warns of Small Business Tax Threat in State Online Tax Expansion
07/22/2010 NetChoice Concerned over Federal Privacy Proposal
07/02/2010 Statement of Steve DelBianco, Executive Director of NetChoice, on the Introduction of HR-5660 the “Streamlined Sales Tax Bill”
02/18/2010 Unchecked FTC powers and Surge of New Tax Proposals top 2010 List of Worst Internet Legislation
02/04/2010 FTC Authority Grab Troubling for Consumers and Competition
10/19/2009 Maine Minors Law Thrown Out
10/19/2009 Industry advocacy helps kill Maine privacy bill
10/16/2009 Repeal Likely for Data Law
10/16/2009 Law limiting online health-data gathering teeters
10/16/2009 Committee Recommends Repeal Of Law Limiting Collection Of Minors’ Data
09/09/2009 Challenge to Maine Privacy Law Dismissed
09/09/2009 ICANN Accountability Framework Fills a Critical Void
08/18/2009 Misguided Marketing Restriction and Online Travel Tax Top List of Worst Internet Legislation
06/09/2009 NetChoice Identifies the Worst Proposed Internet Laws in America
06/09/2009 NetChoice Applauds Efforts of MySpace and State AGs to Protect Kids Online
05/04/2009 EU Plan to Increase Government Control is Not The Answer for ICAN
10/15/2009 Maine Legislature Reconsiders Troubled Privacy Law
09/09/2009 Maine High Court Tames Threat to Internet Commerce and Free Speech
11/28/2008 Pay Safe online this Christmas
09/24/2008 NetChoice Calls for Public Apology from National Retail Federation for Comparing Millions of Online Sellers to Drug Addicts and Criminals
10/31/2007 NetChoice Responds to ICANN Decision Not to Change Whois Service
11/30/2006 NetChoice Statement on Commerce Dept, ICANN and Verisign Agreement
07/07/2006 Small Businesses Voice Concerns about Internet Reliability and Domain Name Abuses Before Congressional Committee
06/25/2006 NetChoice Urges ICANN to Address e-Commerce Issues
09/09/2005 NetChoice Commends DOJ Lawsuit Against Realtors
09/09/2005 NetChoice Commends Senate Spyware Efforts, Offers Improvements
01/06/2005 LA Lawsuits Without Merit and Discriminate Against Online Travel Agents
10/18/2004 New Study Suggests Internet Sales Tax a Loser for Chicago
03/24/2004 NetChoice Blasts Utah Spyware Law
10/01/2003 Internet Sales Tax Legislation – Not So Fast
10/01/2003 NetChoice Releases Report on Internet Sales Tax
03/13/2003 States are Wildly Overstating Sales Tax Losses from e-Commerce
09/01/2002 NetChoice Releases Report on Internet Sales Tax