The feared tidal wave of morally objectionable new top-level domains failed to materialize today, in a positive development for ICANN, the Internet community, and the world governments that are paying close attention to the process, NetChoice Executive Director Steve DelBianco said today.


“Looking at the applications ICANN released today, we can officially downgrade the tsunami warnings,” DelBianco said. “Governments should be able to focus their objections on just a handful of “rogue wave” domains rather than a glut of applications that threaten ‘morality and public order’.”


Today’s news was good or for trademark owners as well, DelBianco said. “While brand owners will still be on the lookout for the riptide of defensive registrations, concerns about rogue entities registering trademarks as top-level-domains did not materialize.”


Some had feared that the new gTLD program would yield a glut of domains that set off moral and ethical alarm bells for governments. Critics were concerned that domains like .terror, .jihad, .nazi or .hate would trigger sharp reactions from governments.


None of those names materialized today. And while there are a few that are likely to generate controversy (such as .sucks, .porn and .sex), they are far, far outnumbered by general interest proposals, such as .music, .web and .taxi.


Steve DelBianco is Executive Director of NetChoice, a coalition of the world’s leading e-commerce companies. He is also a leader within the ICANN Business Constituency, a key group within ICANN that provides the input of industry in ICANN’s decision-making processes. He is available for comment on the on the new gTLD applications revealed by ICANN today. For further details or to set up an interview, contact David McGuire at (202) 423-7432 (