“By attaching a flawed, controversial Internet tax measure to a bill intended to provide tax relief to small businesses, lawmakers have created a poison pill for the Internet, consumers, and – worst of all – the very small businesses the bill seeks to help,” NetChoice Executive Director Steve DelBianco said today.


The “Marketplace Fairness Act” sponsored by Sens. Enzi and Durbin was added this week as an Amendment to the “Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act,” which creates a tax credit for small companies that grew their payrolls between 2011 and 2012.


“This amendment adds new tax burdens to the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act that would harm small businesses trying to reach new customers,” DelBianco said.


“The Marketplace Fairness Act is still broken and attaching it to another, more popular bill won’t fix it,” DelBianco said. “Instead of easing onerous tax burdens, or creating real protection for small sellers, supporters of the measure are now seeking to jam it through the legislative process without addressing its flaws.”


NetChoice is an advocacy organization that fights threats to online commerce and promotes policies that protect Internet innovation and communication on a state, federal and international basis. The Washington, DC-based group protects Internet commerce-driven competition and battles rules that hinder consumer choice and hurt small businesses. For more information, see www.netchoice.org.