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NetChoice today called the ACLU report on license plate readers well intentioned but off the mark.


“The fact is, license plate readers are a technology that benefits us all by helping to find criminals and save lives,” said Steve DelBianco, executive director of NetChoice.


“This technology helped capture the men responsible for the failed Times Square bombing,” continued DelBianco.  “It also allows us to monitor access to sensitive facilities and private communities, and to enforce payment in parking garages.  License plate readers keep insurance rates and interest rates lower, by helping to recover vehicles that are stolen or in default on leases and loans.”


This report blames a beneficial technology for cases where the technology is abused by people who behave illegally.  Over the last few decades, some have worried about the negative effects of technologies such as Caller-ID and phones with cameras.


“Instead of enacting new regulations to ban these technologies, we enforced laws against bad behavior such as unlawful photographs, stalking, and harassment,” said DelBianco.


Private companies using license plate reader technology have helped solve crimes, recover property, and save lives.  One vendor, Vigilant Solutions, has documented 750,000 instances where their vehicle location data helped in criminal investigations involving murder, rape, kidnapping, terrorism, assaults, and crimes involving children.


“Vendors who use the technology responsibly have robust data security and privacy practices, and tightly control who can access the information,” DelBianco adds. “Our laws shouldn’t discourage innovation in new technologies that have many benefits.  Let’s focus on doing everything we can to stop bad conduct—no matter what technology is involved.”


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