Online sex trafficking is a scourge that has tentacles that reach across every aspect of society. NetChoice believes that aggressive prosecution is the best way to attack online sex trafficking and that is why the organization supports the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865).

“Until now, online sex trafficking hasn’t been legally defined as a federal or state crime.  Chairman Goodlatte and Rep. Wagner are wise to clearly define these crimes in federal law for the first time, and to give state prosecutors the same new tools to combat onine sex trafficking,” said former Congressman Chris Cox, outside counsel for NetChoice. “The objective all along has been to clear the way for prosecutors to win cases against known sex traffickers who are using the internet as part of their illegal business.  The fact there are so few criminal prosecutions — even at the federal level where Section 230 doesn’t apply – shows the need for new legislation to create a new crime specifically aimed at online sex trafficking.”

NetChoice appreciates the thoughtful approach taken by House Judiciary to find the best way to address this horrible problem. These amendments make the House bill much stronger than SESTA, by empowering prosecutors, enabling state enforcement under the federal law, and mandating monetary payments to victims of sex trafficking.