NetChoice Statement on the New Burdens for Delaware Businesses created by the Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act

Signed into law today, the Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act may look good but it won’t feel good for Delaware small business owners and it won’t be good for Delaware citizens.   

The new law adds unnecessary costs and burdens on small businesses, hurting their ability to compete with larger national chains.  Today, I can call a Delaware business and place an order for delivery – providing my name, phone number and address without any need for special disclosure under Delaware law.  But under this new law, if that same store were to collect that exact same information though its website, it must first hire an attorney to write and publish an exhaustive set of complicated disclosures.   

Creating a fancy name for a law and coupling it with restrictive regulation does not make it effective at protecting privacy or a benefit for citizens.  Unfortunately, soon many small Delaware businesses will learn that lesson thanks to this new law.

Carl Szabo
NetChoice Policy Counsel