City and State NY - What would Cuomo’s internet sales tax do?

This time around, some opposition from the industry remains. “Governor Cuomo’s internet tax proposal shows that he misunderstands who will pay his new tax – any taxes collected by Internet businesses will come from the pockets of New Yorkers who already bear the highest tax burden in the nation,” Steve DelBianco, president of NetChoice, an eCommerce trade association, said in an email.

AP News - Proposed bill would protect secondary-ticket market sales

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“But the share of restricted tickets is rising, according to Carl Szabo, vice president of NetChoice, an e-commerce trade association.”

Support with amendments for HB 1766 – AN ACT Relating to unmanned aircraft; adding a new chapter to Title 9A RCW; and prescribing penalties

A 21st Century Tea Party Against A Modern European Overreach - Real Clear Policy

The Boston Tea Party was an exhibition of resolve against unjust and unfair taxes imposed from the other side of the Atlantic, where European rulers were plundering American success. Fast-forward 240 years; American businesses once again are enduring unfair taxation and treatment from across the pond, now under the guise of “protecting privacy.”

S&P Global - Web giants spent record amounts on lobbying amid growing regulatory scrutiny

“NetChoice, an online commerce trade group representing Facebook, argued that the bill would erase $340 billion in advertising revenue from American websites.”

Politico Morning Tech - Trump talks ‘industries of the future’

Politico Morning Tech – Trump talks ‘industries of the future’

TECH PUSHES BACK ON GRAHAM — The tech industry is pushing back on Graham’s plans to create a task force to look into allegations that tech companies are biased against conservatives. “This taskforce sets a dangerous precedent that government should intervene in spaces that enable free speech online,” said Carl Szabo, general counsel for NetChoice. Graham told reporters on Tuesday he wants to put together a joint task force of the Judiciary and Commerce committees to look at privacy, content, bias and terrorism in social media.

When Regulating New Tech Harms Public Safety - Route 50

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Humans innately use facial recognition from the moment we are born. Now our tech devices are mimicking our own facial recognition skills to provide tremendous new conveniences that streamline our lives. This emerging technology already helps us to unlock our phones and doors, bypass the need for passwords, and expedite security clearance at airports. More applications are just around the corner.

Politico Influence - Who’s still lobbying for Bayer

She’s already working with the trade group NetChoice “on their efforts in various states to promote and improve the economic and tax environment” for data centers, according to her spokesperson.