Privacy Advisor - "Is a Prior Consent-Based Model Viable for a Voluntary Code of Conduct?"

Carl Szabo of NetChoice wondered, though, how to deal with such cases where more covert surveillance may be necessary, like when trying to identify sex offenders or shoplifters, for example.


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Carl Szabo of NetChoice agreed with industry reps that it was time to wrap up the “what-ifs” and start creating something.

“I do think we’re in a good position to start looking at some guiding principles,” he said.


Network World – “Businesses face rising political pressure from data breaches

Such legislation is not supported by businesses. NetChoice, a trade association of e-commerce businesses, pointed out in a blog post that retailers are also victims in data breaches, which can lead to millions of dollars in losses.

“We shouldn’t resort to new legislation that penalizes the victim,” Carl Szabo, policy counsel for NetChoice, wrote.


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 Carl Szabo, privacy counsel for NetChoice, represents online companies.

“One of the greatest challenges that we are facing is federal law that actually forbids us from giving access to anyone who’s not authorized,” he says.


CNN – “Dilemmas of the Internet age

“The light touch approach on privacy that the U.S. government has engaged in has enabled American innovators to develop some of the best services we see online today and internationally,” said Carl Szabo, the policy counsel for NetChoice, a trade association of online businesses and consumers who advocate for consumer choice, as opposed to government regulation.

He cited an MIT/University of Toronto study that found that after the passage of the European Union’s Privacy Directive restricting advertisers’ ability to collect data from consumers “advertising effectiveness decreased on average by around 65 percent in Europe relative to the rest of the world.”

Based on this study, NetChoice determined that if the United States were to follow this model, American websites would lose $33 billion over the first five years.


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“It’s inconceivable that ICANN can be accountable to the whole world. That’s the equivalent of being accountable to no one,” said Steve DelBianco, executive director of NetChoice, a trade group representing major Internet commerce businesses.