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American Tech: Envy of the World

America’s technology sector drives the long-term competitiveness and economic prosperity of our country. That’s why it’s critical that our lawmakers enact policies that create a friendly environment for innovative companies to thrive.  

American tech companies, big and small alike, lie at the heart of a vibrant online ecosystem on which many – individuals and businesses alike – rely every day. These tech companies help move the American economy forward. In fact, America’s technology industry often fuels related sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, services, and helps power many of America’s small businesses, creating a ripple effect throughout the economy.

It’s critical that our lawmakers enact policies that create a friendly environment for innovative companies

The American technology sector helps foster our small business growth by offering free online tools and resources that so many of us have come to use on a daily basis. We must strive to ensure that these digital tools remain free and accessible. We must protect our online ecosystem by allowing American tech companies to innovate and flourish.

American technology not only powers domestic economic growth, but it also strengthens the nation’s influence in the global marketplace. It shapes the way industries operate, revolutionizes consumer experiences, and drives efficiency across the world.

America’s tech industry support jobs all around the country in every sector

Allowing politicians to dismantle or disadvantage American tech companies could prompt a cascade of negative effects, taking jobs from hard-working Americans, increasing the cost of free online digital resources and opening the door for foreign competitors to lead in the tech space. 


In 2022, the American technology sector employed more than nine million people, and that number continues to grow. In fact, over the next decade, it’s projected to support more than 682,000 jobs.

For small businesses, technology levels the playing field, providing access to a diverse consumer base and an array of free or low-cost digital tools. In fact, 75 percent of small business owners are using digital tools as they navigate the current economic conditions.


The American technology sector is leading on the world stage; however, politically motivated attacks on our tech companies will empower the Chinese economy and military to surpass us. We cannot afford to jeopardize our national security and put every American who uses the internet at risk. Breaking up tech companies will only allow China to lead the tech race.

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