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Another good quarter for e-commerce

Computerworld reports that Americans spent over $27 billion in online retail purchases in the second quarter of 2007, up 23 percent from last year. Online travel spending rose 14 percent to more than $20 billion. Overall U.S. e-commerce was up 19 percent, totaling over $47 billion. Mean while, USA Today reports that retailers are implementing policies to protect their products from being resold online.

A noted spyware researcher has charged adware distributor Zango Inc. with numerous violations of last year’s settlement with the FTC that forbids the company from installing its pop-up and banner-serving software on a computer without getting a user’s clear approval. In several descriptions illustrated with screenshots, Ben Edelman of Harvard University laid out evidence of what he said are widespread Zango practices that the company was barred from using in the November 2006 deal with the FTC.

Afilias and Go Daddy are joining forces to oust NeuStar as the contractor responsible for the ".us" top-level internet domain. The two companies have formed a joint venture, The Domain Name Alliance Registry, and have applied to the Department of Commerce to replace NeuStar as the custodian of ".us."