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Anti-Tech Caucus Will Hurt Consumer Choice Online

For the last few decades, American consumers have had an abundance of choice of where to shop, what to watch, and what to put on their smartphones. Today is no different—we have more choices, higher-quality products, and world-class innovation online.

But still, anti-tech fervor is at an all-time high in Washington. Our lawmakers and their bureaucrats have decided to weaponize a crusade against America’s leading businesses as a way to subject every industry to reform and regulation.

That will devastate America’s consumer-focused economy at its roots. This is why today, NetChoice raised concerns over Representative Buck’s new anti-tech caucus, a caucus which is capitalizing on the zeitgeist of the former Trump administration.

“The anti-tech caucus won’t offer any meaningful solutions, only more fervor that will harm America’s competitive edge on the world stage,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel of NetChoice. “It is unfortunate that this group of lawmakers who supposedly stand for freedom are working together to undermine America’s world-leading tech industry, in a way that is antithetical to our founder’s principles of free enterprise and liberty.”

“Congress should address the looming problems facing everyday Americans, not politically grandstand in ways that will ultimately harm American consumers, small businesses, and the United States’ position in the global economy,” continued Szabo.

In a recent poll by Chamber of Progress, tech regulation was deemed a top priority by only 5% of Americans, whereas 44% believed the economy and 28% believed public health should be the top priority for Congress.

“Republicans need to remember that social media enabled conservatives to connect directly to voters and share news and views outside the control of traditional media,” said Steve DelBianco, President and CEO of NetChoice. “In fact, that’s why Democrats are so eager to break-up and regulate social media, ensuring the aim of this new caucus will be popular with the left.”