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Blumenthal, Graham Reintroduce Bill to Strip Legal Protections From Tech Firms for Child Abuse Content

Blumenthal speculated that the EARN IT Act could head to the Senate Judiciary Committee for markup as early as Thursday.

The legislation has faced backlash from NetChoice, a group whose stated goal is to “[make] the Internet safe for free enterprise and free expression.” NetChoice advocates for laissez-faire principles toward the Internet, which it says has flourished under a “light-touch regulation.”

“We’re seeing a renewed effort to push the EARN IT Act without addressing the bill’s central problems. The EARN IT Act continues to threaten encryption and privacy features and would make the internet less safe for us all, including our kids,” said Carl Szabo, vice president and general counsel at NetChoice.

“The bill risks digital privacy for Americans and their kids.”

NetChoice has argued that the bill would actually make it easier for those posting child pornographic material to get out of convictions in court.

According to the group, the bill’s requirement that online platforms turn over relevant materials, rather than allowing the platforms to do so voluntarily, could create concerns under the Fourth Amendment that could cause evidence or even a conviction to be thrown out.