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BNA Bloomberg – Online Sales Rule Sparks Tennessee Lawsuit

BNA Bloomberg – Online Sales Rule Sparks Tennessee Lawsuit

NetChoice and the ACMA’s lawsuit against Tennessee’s rule asserts that it is “plainly unconstitutional” as it “violates the Quill physical presence requirement, usurps the role of Congress in regulating interstate commerce, and unlawfully expands the State’s taxing authority over companies, individuals, and organizations located throughout the United States, and potentially the world, based solely on their having customers in Tennessee.” The groups ask the court to bar enforcement of the rule.

Steve DelBianco, executive director of NetChoice, told Bloomberg BNA April 4 that the groups had to pursue an administrative challenge before filing the lawsuit.

DelBianco told Bloomberg BNA that “[f]urther economic nexus challenges are simply unnecessary now that this is headed to the highest court of the land, wasting taxpayer dollars while eroding respect for the legal system and, in fact, our entire system of government.”