NetChoice Opposes Draft Executive Order on Drone Usage

NetChoice Opposes Draft Executive Order on Drone Usage

Today, NetChoice announced its opposition to a potential Executive Order that would ban the use of foreign-made drones by all federal departments and agencies.

“When securing data created using drones, what matters is where that data is stored not where the drone was made,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “The determining factor should be whether drone manufacturers store data on American servers and comply with appropriate security standards, not the drone’s country of origin.”

“Banning foreign-made drones won’t protect government from malicious hackers. We need cybersecurity standards for drones that apply to all manufacturers, enabling greater competition and security.”

Testimony for MD SB 397 - Data Center Tax Exemptions

Testimony for MD SB 397 – Data Center Tax Exemptions

“Data centers contain essential production equipment to deliver these services, so NetChoice members are eager to see Maryland join other states who recognize that to attract capital-intensive large data centers, it is necessary to allow the same sales tax treatment they have allowed for decades on equipment needed for other capital-intensive industries like manufacturing and agriculture,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice.

“Moreover, data centers are recession-proof, with high-paying tech jobs. Where NetChoice companies have invested in enterprise data centers, they contribute significantly to local taxes and are strong supporters of education and broadband expansion.

Not only do high wages in the data center industry offer a vital new employment option, but these centers also are a driving force in the development of renewable energy resources and upgrades to utilities and internet infrastructure. Moreover, the data centers generate new income and business taxes, sales taxes on non-exempt purchases and electricity, and local property taxes.”

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NetChoice Applauds the USTR Investigation of France’s Digital Services Tax

Today NetChoice applauded the US Trade Representative for investigating and considering action against the French Digital Services Tax (DST), which would impose a 3% tax on gross revenue from businesses with annual revenue of $830 million globally. 

“In a desperate bid to help French companies compete, France designed new taxes to penalize America’s online leaders,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice.

“France flaunted OECD policies when it imposed this discriminatory new tax,” continued DelBianco.  “Just a month after President Macron promised to grow France’s flailing tech industry, his government imposed these taxes to knee-cap American competitors.”

“The USTR is standing-up for American businesses by investigating France’s discriminatory tax. Our government needs to show foreign powers that they will pay a price for targeting America’s online leaders for discriminatory taxes.”

“The DST is doubly discriminatory, by targeting American online business while steering clear of most French companies and sparing ad revenue earned by broadcast and print media.”

Carl Szabo testifies Before Ohio State Senate Judiciary Committee on Antitrust

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