CNN on Online Sales Tax Collection


Steve was interviewed on CNN’s Situation Room on online sales tax collection. 

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  1. SW
    SW says:

    My wife and I own and operate a small online business benefiting greatly from technological innovation and scalability made possible by Cloud Computing. Until recently we were struggling with legacy tax procedures in our home state. The administrative burdens and expenses complying with States’ tax laws became onerous forcing me to search the Internet for a solution. What I found seems, to many, unbelievable.

    My company now employs free technology hosted on Amazon’s Ec2 cloud infrastructure enabling my company to easily calculate, collect and remit sales tax in any jurisdiction for any state. TaxCloud seamlessly integrates with multiple payment platforms and shopping carts eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens. Now my tax processes are automated and efficient.

    3dcart CEO Gonzalo Gil states:

    “As another building block in our effort to ease the management process for online store owners, TaxCloud is the kind of efficiency application that is practical now and helps you plan for the future….this represents another way that automation is saving time and money for online retailers.”

    Technology now freely available to any size business easily handles sales tax processing for any jurisdiction in any state. As Mr. Shay from the NRF points out it is now easier for businesses to process over 10,000 different tax jurisdictions than deal with the multiple complexities involved with shipping. Furthermore, the ICSC has discovered an average of 90% of Internet consumers desire to have sales tax collected by merchants at points of purchase instead of having to track and remit use tax individually. Governments also realize sales tax automation ensures more of every tax dollar funds intended programs.

    I strongly support and urge Congress to immediately pass S.1832 the Marketplace Fairness Act granting states the choice to efficiently enforce their existing sales and use tax laws. Individuals, businesses and government will all benefit tremendously utilizing the efficiencies made possible by new technologies coupled with the power and scalability of Cloud Computing.

  2. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I agree with SW that technology has made online sales tax collection easier than ever for small business people. The fact that Tax Cloud offers a free solution is a huge plus for those of us on tight budgets.

    But more importantly from the big picture perspective, it is now possible for states to collect millions of dollars in previously uncollected revenues. Few people know that their internet purchases are actually subject to taxes. They think buying online and over state lines equates to a lower final purchase price, when in fact the law requires people to submit those sales taxes due along with their income tax. As a result, those taxes go unpaid and state coffers strain all the further.

    I certainly have no love for paying more taxes on a personal level, but in this case we’re actually talking about paying taxes that are already due. When everyone pays their legitimate share the pool of available funds grows and everyone in the state benefits.

    Tools like Tax Cloud and others represent a positive means that technology can actually make things better, and passing the Marketplace Fairness Act will enable states to collect existing taxes.

  3. GTM
    GTM says:

    I have to wonder how much Amazon is paying you two (eh, likely the same guy) to go around and spam every article that comes out about an internet sales tax with your copy-and-pasted “real-life scenarios” shilling for Tax Cloud.

    Fairly brazen to come and do so on the opposition’s blog. Dontchathink?


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